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She is one of the most familiar faces of health and medicine in local media. Dr. Cecil Catapang has already made several appearances on radio and television and has become a valuable source person in various medical issues pertaining to aesthetics. She has studied BSE Chemistry in UST and has also studied Doctor of Optometry and Medicine in CEU and MCU- FDTMF College of Medicine. With a career spanning in decades, she became a recipient of the prestigious Guillermo Awards and got nominated as Best Lifestyle host in the 2016 Star Awards. Her pleasing personality and natural good looks, coupled with her penchant for good living and medical background, makes Dr. Cecil Catapang befitting character in a show about health, lifestyle and leisure.   

Dr. Maria Lourdes B. Escobar, FPOGS, is a Fellow of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecologic Society. Graduated her medical degree, finished internship and residency training in OB-GYN at UST. She finished a fellowship course in Minimally Invasive Surgery in 2008 in New Delhi, India and finished a Master’s Course in Vacuum Assisted Delivery in Singapore in 2012 under Prof. Vacca - the inventor of the Kiwi Vacuum Extractor. Dr. Escobar has been a board member of the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP) and a peer group reviewer of obstetric textbooks, presented internationally published papers in 2008. She is also affiliated as an active consultant in Delos Santos Medical Center in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, and Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cayco, Manila.

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